Bulk Matcha

Get Healthy, by Taking and Serving Bulk Matcha

Tea is the most common beverage in many parts of the world. Nizen has taken a pioneering step to transform the health of mankind by introducing the Made in Japan product called the Bulk Macha, or green tea. 

As the human race is facing many daily challenges against the pollution, aging, and deadly Novel Covid-19 virus. We at Nizen are preparing some of the best health supplements, fruitful beauty Supplements, most importantly Immunity Boosting green tea or Matcha, and many wonderful skincare products with cosmetics for your surprise health benefits.

Bulk Matcha, refresher for skin

Nizen Bulk Matcha or green tea in short. If you are worried about your aging skin, dark spots, pimples, rashes, dark circles around eyes, and pre-aging wrinkles. These are natural and can be treated naturally only. We care about your skin health, and our team of Nafko and Nizen is catering you the bulk matcha or green tea for converting your skin into radiant, soft, and supple without any marks of time.

Benefits and contents of Bulk Matcha

Matcha’s health benefits include damage prevention of healthy skin cells, detoxification, and is anti-oxidation agents. It is also well-known green tea for quick weight loss. Traditional Japanese testaments and old cultural knowledge with recent studies suggest that Matcha served by Nizen can supply many nutritional benefits which are otherwise lacking in our daily protein intake. Green tea which is a superb supplier of detox helps in removing heavy metals and harmful toxins from the skin for a glorious and radiant look.

Nutrition in every sip

That is not the end of the nutritional benefit list for Nizen Bulk Matcha as every cup is a powerful health supplement tonic. One serving of matcha green tea (½ tsp or 1 gm) contains nearly 350mg of light protein-peptide, 300mg of total amino acids, and many lipids with other nutrients.

Bulk Matcha or Nizen green tea is packed with vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, C, E, K, which is far more than our general daily food habits. It can provide you with “high nutritional value” for new changing and dynamic skin for your extraordinary public life.

How to feel joyful with Bulk Matcha

Green Tea is the best drink to make new friends, who like to share skin health benefits with you and your family. This may end up being the best takeaway or joyful suggestion to you near n dear. We at Nizen and Nafko are experts in making health supplements, super combo best green tea for anti-aging and young skin. 

We serve the Best Green Tea or Bulk Matcha in an expert Japanese way. As Japanese way of living the world is well known for long and stress less life with adventure and energy.

Nizen is helping you live life in the Japanese way