Fish and Shrimp leftover in bulk

Getting young with Fish Collagen is not a Myth now.

Health is something more precious than any other asset. As there is always a healthcare buzz around us, to live the life of joy and happiness. Won’t it be a fairy tale, to look young for a large span of your lifetime? NO! It’s not a myth to retain the young and suppleness of our skin. This is not a miracle but innovation in skin healthcare, Nutraceuticals, and dietary supplements. Well, there is a lot of information about Collagen protein, or amino acids which are major building fibers of almost all vertebrate species including Mankind. Our body is essentially made-up of Protein, and that too 30% is collagen protein type 1.

Bulk Collagen

Fish Collagen is a natural, clinically verified, tried and tested, highly trusted bio peptide, which is made out of dry fish scales and shrimp leftover from quality freshwater and marine aquatic fish. Fish Collagen comes from the scales, fins, bones, and skin of Fish. It is abundant in amino acids, glycine, hydroxyproline, and proline. Since the Fish Collagen is biologically extracted from the scales, it is readily absorbed due to its low molecular weight. This medical supplement for enhanced life, anti-aging, and immune-boosting is a boon for skin health seekers.

Sources of divine Collagen Type I

There are many breeds of fish, which provide this miraculous Collagen. But the two major contributing fish are the scales of Labeo rohita (Rohu) and Catla. These are the freshwater inhabitants of rivers, thriving well in freshwater below the altitude of 549 m. Whereas Rohu is bottom-dweller feeding on algae and water plants matter.

Catla fish scale is also used to extract the Collagen type I, which is also found abundant in Indian Subcontinent Rivers. This fish gained popularity among consumers due to its higher growth rate and protein output.

Why only Fish Collagen?

There are numerous logical studies and surveys by worldwide institutions that tell the secrets of youth-promoting protein, which is none-other than Fish Collagen. 

We at Nafko are catering to Pure Fish Collagen, which can help to reduce skin wrinkles and dark spots within a guaranteed period. We are serving with the expert solution for functional Foods, Fish Collagens, Dietary supplements, skin care supplements with real positive results.

As per the known old testaments and therapies of Japanese healing culture, Fish Collagen is considered a very versatile ingredient used for whole-body treatments, tissue engineering, wound dressing, and many other beauty applications.

It is a known fact that the Japanese clan is a pioneer in living life with the fullest capacity. The fishing industry and its byproducts have given them the scope for the best anti-aging tricks, by fish scale collagen.

All these healthcare, skincare, natural food peptide collagen from fish scale are produced under a Japanese parental company of Nizen.