Japanese Matcha Green Tea When Conceiving Baby

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Medical experts recommend that pregnant women must cut down their caffeine intake – some tell almost 200mg a day.

And, even with the very fact that the caffeine in matcha tea is different thereto in coffee (matcha features a slow-release sort of caffeine), it’s still worthwhile to limit your matcha consumption, and everyone’s other source of caffeine, while expecting a baby.

Still just how brutally do you have to control matcha consumption at the same time as pregnant?

Well, one gram helping of matcha provides 34 mg of caffeine – significantly but a standard mug of coffee – therefore intake doesn’t necessarily have to be limited too severely.

To get on the safe side, and so as to think about additional food/drink containing caffeine, we might advise restricting your matcha tea consumption whilst pregnant to only two mugs per day.

What are the risks related to ingesting an excessive amount of caffeine whilst expecting?

Scientific studies have shown that drinking increased amounts of caffeine when expecting might increase the probabilities of your child acquiring diabetic issues.

However ‘mother’s to be’ consuming matcha tea do not have to stress an excessive amount of, because you’d need to ingest on the brink of half a dozen cups per day to exceed the proposed caffeine limit (assuming you are not acquiring caffeine from the other food/drink you ingest).

So, to answer the query, is it harmless to ingest matcha tea while expecting a baby? Yes, it is. But restrict the quantity you consume every day. Other factors you want to steer beyond throughout pregnancy: Alcohol, smoking, and taking illegal drugs – For obvious reasons

Particular over-the-counter also as agreed medications – As soon as you discover you’re really expecting a baby, discuss your current prescriptions, etc. Together with your own health physician.  

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